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The Comtronic NANO connectors ( Ultra Miniature Connector ) are made in accordance with MIL-DTL-32139.

The following shows a summary for the main features for this MIL spec..


Pin contacts:                                       Pin contacts are made of Cube  acc. ASTM B 194

gold-plated 1,27μ Au over 1,27μ Ni minimum

Socket contacts:                                Socket contacts are made of Cube acc. ASTM B 196

                                                                 gold-plated 1,27μ Au over 1,27μ Ni minimum

Connector shell:                                 Aluminum Alloy 6061 acc. ASTM B 209

nickel-plated acc. SAE-AMS-C-26074 class 3 grade B

Insulators:                                            PEEK acc. MIL-P-46183

Mounting Hardware:                         Stainless steel 303 acc. ASTM A 582

Wires and cables:                              Acc. M22759/33 AWG 30 wires

Solid wires for PCB mounting:       Acc. A-A-59551-H30S2S gold-plated 0,5μ min  over 3μ nickel               


Potting:                                                 Suitable epoxy HYSOL C9-4215

                                                                Epotek H77 for non-out gazing application







Shock:                                                   100 g‘s no opens more than 10 nanoseconds

                                                                acc. EIA-364-87 connectors are mated and wired

fixture acc. MIL-DTL-32139, tested with 100 mA

max. current. No damage or loosening of parts.

Vibration:                                              20 g‘s no opens more than 10 nanoseconds

acc. EIA-364-28 connectors are mated and wired

fixture acc. MIL-DTL-32139. No change of resitance

greater than 10 ohms longer than 10 nanoseconds   

Thermal shock:                                  No damages or loosening parts.

unmated connectors will withstand 5 cycles of

thermal shock with a min. of -55°C and 125°C

acc. EIA-364-32 cond. I     






Contact engaging and                       Max. engaging force shall be 5.0 oz. min. separation

separation force:                            force shall be 0.4 oz.

Connector mating and                      Max. mating and unmating force shall not exceed

unmating force:                               7 oz. times number of contacts.

Contact retention:                              Contacts shall withstand an axial force of 2 pound min 5 secondes.

Crimp tensile strengths:                  wire shall not break or pull out at crimp joint at a force less than 0,44kg for AWG 30 wire.

Resistance to soldering heat:        There shall be no degradation of the plastic, bonding adhesives and sealing elastomers

                                                                Acc. EIA-364-56

Solder ability:                                      PCB terminals meet the requirements of J-STD-002





DIXEL ELECTRONICS : myriam@dixel.co.il  cell : 0547 373737





DIXEL ELECTRONICS : myriam@dixel.co.il  cell : 0547 373737


DIXEL ELECTRONICS : myriam@dixel.co.il  cell : 0547 373737


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