Connectors: hermetic connectors, military and space connectors, waterproof connectors, Fiber Optics Connector, displayport, RF, HDMI, SD, elevated sockets, PC104, post header receptacle, DC Power, earphone, board to board, Multi Ear/Mic, Shrouded Header, slim D-type VGA, USB, mini USB, USB 3.0, IEEE 1394, modular jack with or without leds, memory card connector, smart card connectors, SIM Card Reader Connector, combo connector, dual port and tri-port connectors, mobile phone connectors, industrial and military connectors, Power, D-types, Mixed Power and signal, Changer gender.

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Plug In - The Know How in Hermetic



Plug In - The Know How in Hermetic

Waterproof connectors, Hermetic connectors, Hermetic Feedthroughs, ERVAC D-Sub, ERVAC SMA, ERVAC BNC, ERVAC Micro-D, ERVAC Wire/Wire, Thermocouple, Vacuum Feedthrough, Test Vacuum components, custom's design.



Positronic connectors in Stock

Positronic D-subminiature connectors

Positronic D-subminiature, Positronic Standard Density D-Sub, Positronic High Density D-Sub , Press-Fit terminations, Combo-D, Positronic Dual Port, Military and Industrial Connectors, Positronic High Performance D-Sub, Positronic Power Connectors, PLB Series, Press Fit Termination for Power Applications, Positronic PCI - Compact Power Connector.