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About Dixel Electronics, Ltd. Israel Interactive

Dixel was founded in 1996 by Gilbert and Myriam Sudarskis in the Sharon area, in the center of Israel.

Established as a distributor and trading company in electronics components, DIXEL Electronics Ltd. is positioned and is recognized on the markets of connectors, hermetic connectors, telecommunication, cell phones connectors, HDMI, SD, elevated connectors, RF, DC Power, earphone, PC104, board to board, slim D-type VGA, USB, mini USB, smart card connectors, dual port and tri-port connectors, Industrial and Military connectors, Power, D-types, Mixed Power and signal, Changer gender, Military and space connectors, waterproof connectors.

An appreciable stock allows to serve quickly our customers.

Dixel is implicated in the field of shielding, faraday tent until 10Ghz, transparent fabric in stainless-steel for LCD screen,

Since 2006, DIXEL Electronics Ltd. expanded into other fields:

Field of feedthrough and test vacuum components: An agreement was signed with Plug In recognized for its world experience in the vacuum field. New products: a wide variety of vacuum components like hermetic feedthroughs, vacuum flanges for HV and UHV applications. In particular, flange in various materials giving the possibility to use numerous hermetic feedthroughs as optic, USB, RJ45, RF, SMA, BNC, TNC, Coaxial until 18Ghz, all range of D-types, micro D-type 120 pins, Thermo-couple or D38999 hermetic connectors.

Field of vibration and balancing systems: material testing equipment, vibration generators and industrial balancing machines. In particular, Machines for horizontal or vertical rotor positioning, Hard- and soft-bearing balancing machines, Machines for small, medium and largescale production (semi- and full automatics), with unbalance correcting facilities such as drilling-, milling- or welding-units, Special machines, above- and top-floor built, for balancing as well as concentricity and run out measurement

Field of Temperature/Climatic Test Systems: series of vibration testing chambers for combined testing procedures under climatic and thermic influences and mechanical and dynamic loading. Chambers for simulating environmental conditions (temperature, air humidity, pressure, irradiation, vibration), Combined vibration chamber systems (complete vertical and horizontal solutions)

In 2011, DIXEL Electronics Ltd. signed an agreement with Comtronic recognized for its experience in the connectors miniaturization.

Miniature Connectors in round and rectangular shapes:

  • Micro-D MIL-PRF-83513
  • NANO Ultra Miniature connector MIL-DTL-32139
  • CMR miniature circular connectors
  • 220 Series spacing 2.00 mm in many types of connection

Backshells (Aluminium Alloy 6061T6 or magnesium MgAl3Zn on request).
  • Backshell standard Micro-D
  • Miniature in combination with modified Micro-D
  • Crimp style for standard Micro-D

Our customers are the major actors of Space, Telecommunications, military and industrial companies.

Dixel Electronics Ltd. has been Certified under ISO 9001:2008

Our goal is to professionally represent a select group of top quality manufacturing companies in Israel and in the Middle East. Customer satisfaction is our long term objective. Listening to application problems solving them and assuring perfect service is our major aim. It is also our objective to supply our customers with many exciting products and design solutions.

We have a well known reputation for supplying the total solution products and prompt delivery to satisfy the customer demand.

DIXEL is a market oriented company which understands and meets customers requirements through research and customer services.

If you have useful information for this site please e-mail to : info@dixel.co.il

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19, Ha'haroshet Street - Keidder Center
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Tel: +972 (9) 7438702 - Fax: +972 (9) 7469481
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